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Welcome to our studio!

Even though we both work at full-time jobs, we usually schedule time at The Missing Room Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, Saturday and Sunday middays. Unless of course, if we’re too tired at night, or if we have family visiting from out of town on the weekends; in those rare cases, we apologize, The Missing Room will be closed.

We are lucky to have found our cute little shop to work in, and love to share our space with enlightened visitors who journey to the studio and buy our creative work.

We thank you and think you’ll love what we make, so try to catch us when we’re there!


As a Street Photographer the landscape always seems to lead to those down and out, those less fortunate, those living on the street. We see them frequently and capture their images as a part of that landscape. In the coming months we will be involved with fund raising organizations to help the homeless in a variety of ways. One way will be a coffee table book filled with images of those less fortunate, where a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to programs for the homeless. Subscribe to our Newsletter, read our Blogs, or Contact Us directly to acquire one of these rare collections.

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